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Table of Contents

  1. Mission

  2. Code of Conduct

  3. Communication

  4. Requirements to Skate

  5. Finances

  6. Schedules

  7. Attendance

  8. Bouts

  9. Equipment

  10. Derby Names And Numbers

  11. Grievances

  12. Board of Directors

  13. Changing Team Policies


Portland Men’s Roller Derby is an organization providing opportunities for personal growth and development of athletes in our community.  By teaching the exciting sport of Roller Derby we strive to encourage teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship and fun.

We teach and develop skating skills, game strategy, teamwork and sportsmanship in a competitive league structure.

Code of Conduct

All members of PMRD (skaters, coaches, and volunteers) are required to abide by the the code of conduct.

  1. Meet all membership requirements as outlined in the Requirements to Skate policy.

  1. Come together to further the goals of PMRD in a cooperative manner.

  1. Act respectfully towards each other, our coaches, our staff, our sponsors, the team, and an audience.  Act respectful towards our lessors (Oaks Park and the Rose City Rollers).

  1. Make sure that PMRD practices and events are free of harassment or abuse including, but not limited to, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks.  Make sure that when representing PMRD a skater behaves in an appropriate manner.

  1. Respect deadlines and adhere to commitments including, but not limited to, meeting times, league volunteer positions, and practice times.

  1. Offer criticism on league issues freely. Constructive criticism is encouraged. Abusive and insulting language is prohibited.

  1. Maintain a clean practice space.  Skaters shall follow an “As Found” policy, where the practice facility will be left as found.

  1. Members must clean up after themselves, and their guests, at the practice facility.

  1. Be forthright in reporting Code of Conduct violations.  Skaters may not knowingly make a false violation report. Skaters who are the subject of a violation report may in no way retaliate against the skater who made the report.

  1. Recognize that there are differing opinions among league members and respect those opinions and their right to be offered, even where we disagree. Recognize that diversity is a valuable aspect of PMRD and maintaining this diversity is essential to the league.

  1. Show good sportsmanship at all times during PMRD events.

  1. No skater may consume alcohol within two (2) hours before, and no more than one alcoholic beverage within four (4) hours before skating at a practice, bout or league related event. No member will skate at a practice, bout or league-related event while impaired by alcohol or any other mind-altering substance.


Below you will find important contact information that will help you stay up to date and in touch!

  1. How do I know what’s happening?

  1. Attend a team meeting.  Team meetings are held on the third Sunday of every month, following Sunday practice.  All members are welcome to attend.

  1. Visit the Portland Men’s Roller Derby forum.  The forum is the place where we make most of our team plans and work on carpools for bouts.  The coaches also post pertinent information for bouts like addresses and rosters on the forum.  If you’re wondering what’s happening, this is a great place to check.  To get on the forum, visit  Once there, register as a new user on the forum, then email Carpe Demon ( with your sign in name and identify yourself as a Portland Men’s Roller Derby member.  He will grant you access to the members section of the forum and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Visit the Portland Men’s Roller Derby page on Facebook.  We post upcoming events, practice time changes, and other pertinent information on the Facebook page.

  1. Talk to one of the board members before or after practices.  Most practices you will find at least one of the board members in attendance.  They will be happy to fill you in on what’s going on in the men’s roller derby world.

  1. Contact a Board Member Using the Info on the Forums.  The forums contain a list of the names and contact information of current board members.  Board member contact information is available on the PMRD forum, under “Files, Archive & Reference”.  See the “MEMBER CONTACT LIST” thread.

  1. How do I report absences?

Please let us know if you’re going to be absent.  To report an absence, email  Planned absences should be reported at least two weeks before the absence.  Illness should be reported before practice begins.  Absences posted on the forum, texted to coaches, or sent via word of mouth will not be counted as excused.  The ONLY TWO ways to have an absence excused is report it to or to call the PMRD voicemail at 503-512-0005.

  1. I have a concern, who do I talk to?

  1. If you need to talk to one of the board members or coaches about an issue, please email them to set up an appointment.  Member contact information is available on the PMRD forum, under “Files, Archive & Reference”.  See the “MEMBER CONTACT LIST” thread.  Remember, coaches and admin staff cannot meet with you during practice as they need to focus on the skaters and ensure that everyone is safe and using the limited practice time fully.  

  1. You can reach the coaches by emailing or calling 503-512-0005.

Requirements To Skate

Before a skater can participate in practice, scrimmage, or bout they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Membership requirement: A skater must be current on their PMRD dues to participate.
  2. Insurance requirement: A skater must have USARS insurance for the current calendar year to participate.
  3. Equipment requirement: A skater must wear full protective gear to participate.  This includes helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and a mouth guard.


  1. Dues.  Portland Men’s Roller Derby members pay $50 per month in dues.  There are no reduced fees for limited attendance.  These dues pay for the rental on our practice space, and help sustain our merchandise purchases and other important expenses.  Dues are to be paid to the league Treasurer (Freewill) either in person or via regular mail on the 1st of each month. Skaters will begin paying dues after their initial on-skates practice. To determine your dues for starting mid-month, please contact the Treasurer.  Checks should be made out to the Portland Men’s Roller Derby.  On the memo line, please write the month you are paying for, and your skater name (if you have one) so the treasurer credits it to the correct person.  A lapse in dues will prevent skaters from being able to practice, scrimmaging, and bouting.

  1. USARS.  USARS (USA Roller Sports) is our insurance carrier, and every skater is required to carry this insurance – even if they have private insurance.  The cost is $45 per year and must be renewed every December.  Skaters who do not have USARS insurance will not be allowed to practice or bout after joining our program.  A skater should apply for this insurance as soon as he is paying dues.  USARS provides secondary medical insurance for members who are injured during sanctioned events and practices. In order to be sanctioned, the event or practice practice space must be registered. Oaks Parks and the Hangar are registered. Outside practices and some other events cannot be sanctioned and therefore coverage would not apply to injuries occurring during these times. The insurance is secondary and should not be considered a substitute for primary health insurance. For more information, see

  1. Travel Expenses.  Several times during the year, Portland Men’s Roller Derby has the opportunity to bout against teams in other cities.  Skaters choosing to travel will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

  1. Disbursement of Team Finances.  Disbursement of team finances are subject to a vote of the team or the Board of Directors.


  1. Practices.  Practice locations and times can be found on the official PMRD calendar.  The calendar is located at


Attendance at practice and bouts is expected.  Roller derby is first and foremost a team sport, and no single player--no matter how good he or she is--wins a bout alone.  Teams count on their players to attend practices regularly in order to improve their individual skills and their team skill level.

In order to be eligible to play in a bout, skaters must attend 50% of the practices during the month preceding the bout, and 100% of scheduled practices the week of the bout.

Attendance is taken by the coaches as the skaters warm up and then stored in our database.  Members will be given credit for their attendance if they are on the track when practice starts.  Members that are late (more than 15 minutes after practice has started), will only be given half credit for that practice.

Absences will only be counted if they are emailed to or called in to our board phone number at 503-512-0005.  The coaches will not accept this information during practice.


Skaters will only be considered “bout-ready” when they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. They have 50% attendance at practices
  2. They have up-to-date dues
  3. They have up-to-date USARS insurance
  4. They have passed WFTDA and/or MDC minimum skills requirements


We realize that purchasing quality roller derby equipment is an investment, but it is very important for the skater's safety.  We discourage members from purchasing skates from discount stores or second-hand unless the skates are of a high quality and carefully inspected.

We encourage our new members to visit Beki Safar at the Oaks Park Skate Shop (located inside Oaks Park Skate Rink) for information on skates and equipment.  Beki is highly knowledgeable about the equipment necessary and is an excellent resource for all things related to skates and skate maintenance.  All Portland Men’s Roller Derby members receive a 10% discount on skates and derby packages at Oaks Park Skate Shop.

Required Equipment:

  1. Helmet
  2. Quad roller skates (inline skates are not permitted)
  3. Knee pads
  4. Elbow pads
  5. Wrist guards
  6. Mouth guard

Other equipment is also available for protection that, while not required, should certainly be considered:

  1. Padded hip shorts
  2. Shin guards
  3. Protective eye wear
  4. Athletic supporter and plastic cup

Derby Names and Numbers

When a skater has been with Portland Men’s Roller Derby for 1 month and has maintained at least 50% attendance rate, they will be invited to apply for their official derby name.  Derby names are a special part of roller derby culture and become a large part of your derby identity.  Potential names should be checked at  This master roster is a record of skater names, numbers, league names, team names, and team themes for all skaters, regardless of track type or WFTDA affiliation.  It is put together on a volunteer basis to ensure that all roller derby players feel rewarded for their creativity by maintaining exclusiveness for their names.

At the top of the screen you will find a search box.  Names with a "very high" or “high” level of similarity may be rejected.  Once the skater has one or more possible names that do not come back with high or very high similarity, they can submit them to Carpe Demon ( and he will submit the name to the master list via the proper channels.  

Derby numbers are also chosen by the skater.  Derby numbers may include alphanumeric characters.   It also cannot be a number that is in use by any other skater on Portland Men’s Roller Derby.


Reporting Grievances

Any member of PMRD with a complaint or grievance should submit their grievance in writing to the board.  All parties involved in a grievance (including the accused) will receive a copy of the grievance.  All grievances will be considered confidential and any member who disseminates a copy will be subject to disciplinary action.  Grievances will be investigated by the board and a report will be included in the minutes of a board meeting.  The outcome of the report may include disciplinary action.  Disciplinary action requires a ⅔ majority vote by the board.  Members of the board involved in a grievance will recuse themselves from the investigation.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action will be determined by the board.  Disciplinary action will include (but is not limited to) the following actions: verbal warning, written warning, probation/suspension, or or expulsion. In the event of an expulsion, monthly dues shall not be refunded.  The level of disciplinary action shall be determined by the severity of the offense.

Board Of Directors

Term of Office

All board member positions are for one calendar year.  New board members will be announced at the January team meeting.   Voting will be secret and online and include all team members.

Members of the Board

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Committee Head(s)
  6. Team Captain(s)

Duties of the President

The President serves as the official contact person for PMRD.  The President shall call and preside over team meetings.  If the team is a member of a governing organization (MDC, etc.) then the President shall be the team representative.  

Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President will perform the duties of the President in their absence.  The Vice-President is responsible for the agenda of Board and Team meetings.  The Vice-President is responsible for maintaining the PMRD calendar.  The Vice-President may be given other specific responsibilities as directed by the Board.

Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer will receive and keep custody of all team funds; shall deposit them in a bank approved by the Board of Directors; shall disburse such funds as authorized by PMRD; and shall keep accurate books at all times.  The Treasurer shall keep record of membership fees and shall alert the Board of Directors of all delinquent accounts and the status of new and inactive members. In coordination with the Secretary, the Treasurer shall file year-end tax information with all the appropriate agencies if required. The Treasurer is empowered to sign documents obligating the League to financial and service commitments with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall keep accurate and complete records of the League's business, which shall include the minutes of all team meetings, special meetings, and Board of Directors meetings.

Duties of the Committee Heads

Periodically, the Board of Directors may deem it necessary to appoint a skater as the head of a committee.  The skater must agree to volunteer for this position.  The duties of a committee head will be determined by the Board.

Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors shall call meetings to discuss team business.  These meetings will be organized by the Board.  Agenda for the board meetings will be posted and recorded on the forum.


Should the Board of Directors deem it necessary to take a vote on a particular subject, each Board member shall receive one vote.

Changing Team Policies

Any changes to the policies of PMRD will require a ⅔ majority vote of the team at a team meeting.  Potential amendments to the skater handbook and PMRD rules must be submitted to the board.  The board will add any potential amendments to the agenda for the next scheduled team meeting.  If a skater is unable to attend a team meeting, they may vote by proxy through a member of the Board of Directors.  Votes cast in this manner must be recorded as “vote cast by X for Y” in the meeting minutes.


This is a living document, and as such it will be updated periodically.  Please make sure you have the most recent version.

Version 1.02 (25 Jan 2011)