Bone Daddies

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Who's Your Daddy?

Born out of the local graveyards, the Bone Daddies clawed their way up out of the earth in early 2011, raised from the dead by the siren's call of roller derby. Dusting off their coiffed pompadours, swinging their hips and shambling along in their skates, they took the track like birds to carrion, consuming everything in their path. Boasting an average age higher than the other PMRD teams, the Bone Daddies more than make up for their advanced age with their bone-crushing hits.

Current Roster

Next Of Ken

Bench coaches:

  • Scarlene
  • Belle Starr

Retired/Alumni (Bone Daddies For Life!)

2 Minutes Hate
Bangers N Stache
Brass Tacks
Carpe Demon
Collides Dale
Cri$co Di$co
Faux Paul
Han Cholo
Silent Mob

Retired coaches:

  • Susan B. Anarchy
  • Hurt Vonnegut