Honey Badgers

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We Don't Give A Shit!

PMRD Honey Badgers… A team forged in fire and released upon an unsuspecting public for the 2012 PMRD home season .   Last season could have gone better for the Honey Badgers but it's been a year of growth, development and healing .   This team has stepped up to the challenges presented to them and risen above like no other in the league .   Forever a fan favorite, this ham-fisted bunch of crowd-pleasers cannot wait to get on with the business of winning in 2013 .   They are a new team with new rules and new strategy all coupled with a deep-seated desire to be the best in the league .   Watch them smile and laugh in the face of danger and the hardest work .   Coached by a team of top RCR veterans, led by PMRD's toughest team of captains, and rounded out with some of the greatest skaters in the history of west coast mens roller derby, the Honey Badgers will take their points and your breath away this season .

Current Roster

Balkan X
Cougar Bait
Cozmo Damage
Earl Slick
Hot Carl
Joe Joe Gadget
Kieran Duncan
Michael J. Sox
Random Battle
Rico Swervy
Rob Lobster
Shreddy Mercury
The King

Bench coaches:

  • Shove Me Tender
  • Push La Tush


Bees Whacks
Bustin Morenose
Captain Morgan
Hans M. Devil
Magic Pony Power Hour
Master Pete
Mental Hold
Peaceful Hands
Speed Bump

Retired coaches: